Amazing News – delayed

OK, so it looks like the US State Dept also gives and takes away 🙂
But blessed be the name of the LORD.

Our Visa selection notice has been revoked along with 22000 others of the 1.8 million who checked between 1st and 5th May.

Apparently the computer selection program was not random, so they have scrapped the result and will run a new draw, results of which will be available or or around July 15th.  See the notice on

Our lawyer has told us to still regard our notice as valid until we have a written notice from the State Dept, and he thinks there is still a good chance that we will get in on it.

On a more positive note, we do know that there are many other planters who now have a second chance at this draw. We’re praying that God turns what looks like a blow into a multiple victory. Either way, God is in control of all of these things… not the US State Dept; and we are eternally grateful for that!

Some other positive news is that I launched our church website on Thursday and we’re hoping to start up in September this year.

Keep us in your prayers at this vulnerable time, as we keep you in ours!

God bless

Alan, Meg and Dan

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