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The Parable Of The Hidden Treasure

Sunday morning, 2 July 2017 – Lance De Ruig speaks about ‘The parable of the hidden treasure’

Love Is The Community’s Witness (Rosebank)

Sunday morning, 25 June – Lance De Ruig shares with us

Living In Faith

By Lance de Ruig
13 September 2015 at Bedfordview AM

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What Is Faith?

by Lance De Ruig
7 June 2015 at Bedfordview PM

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Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.: Part 1

By Lance De Ruig and Ryan Peter
08 February 2015 at Bedfordview PM

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But God

By Lance de Ruig
1 January 2015
Bedfordview PM
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Building God’s Kingdom

By Lance de Ruig
27 October 2014 at Bedfordview AM
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Three Ways to a Better Life

By Lance de Ruig
6 July 2014 at Bedfordview AM
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By Lance de Ruig
23 March 2014 – Sunday PM at Bedfordview

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The Importance of Christmas

TITLE: The Importance of Christmas
PREACHER: Lance de Ruig
DATE: 25 DECEMBER 2013 – Sunday AM

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