Key women: I AM: The Resurrection And Life

Heather Farr explores the seven I AM statements of Jesus, delving more deeply into Jesus saying “I AM the Resurrection and Life

28 June 2017 at Key Women Bedfordview.

Key Women for 2013

Key Women is moving to a new time slot – 8:30am on the first Tuesday of every month at Bedfordview. It will now only take place in the morning (no more afternoon slot) to create more space for the ladies to get to know each other.

Key Women is also launching at South Side. It will be taking place on the first Saturday of every second month in a home in the afternoon (3pm). There is also an additional theme of “chocolate” which sounds tempting!

The theme for Key Women 2013 is Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit: Living Beyond Yourself. As Col Meeske explains, the theme is about developing a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and then living out his character in our every day lives, impacting the world beyond ourselves.

“Women need to see just how key they are in God’s mission to the world. Every woman has a part to play and has a purpose for their lives. We are key in unlocking the presence of Jesus into the environments we find ourselves in – no matter where we are,” she says.

The Bedfordview meetings will now take place at the Fresh Ground coffee shop.

“All are welcome – regardless of age or culture. As per Titus 2, older women can teach the younger women how to love their husbands and their families, while the younger women can teach the older women how to be less conservative and to risk a bit more,” Col says.

Mums & Munchkins will also be joining Key Women on the first Tuesday for every month, to facilitate the ladies all getting to know each other better.

The last year has seen some great fruit at Key Women and 2013 promises to be even better.

Key Women
When: First Tuesday of each month or first Saturday of every second month
Where: Cornerstone Church Bedfordview (Tuesdays) or Cornerstone Church South Side (Saturdays)
Time: 8:30am at Bedfordview; 3pm at South Side