Key Women- Julia Taylor

Julia Taylor shares with us at Key Women- 23 October 2019

Key Woman: Adele Herbert

Adele Herbert shares with us at Bedfordview about spreading The Gospel , 9 October

Key Women: Sam Quinn

We were delighted to hear from Sam Quinn, who is planting Christ Light Church in London with her husband Phil. Sam and Phil also used to be on our eldership team at Cornerstone. It was great hearing from Sam on lessons learned in their journey!

Key Women – Mary Assad

Mary Assad shares how God writes our story and remains faithful, interweaving this with many testimonies from her own life.

Key Women: Nola McKellar

Nola McKellar (from Church of Joy in Singapore, and on the NCMI team) shares with us at Key Women.

Values: Financial Freedom (Obedience)

Sunday morning, 2 September. Marcus Herbert speaks about the financial freedom behind obedience in tithing as part of our series on Kingdom values.

Key Women: Joy

Colette Meeske speaks about “joy” at Key Women, Wednesday, 22 August 2018.

Key Women: Friendship

Kim van Rooyen shares on the subject of “friendship” at Key Women, Wednesday 25 July.

Monica Firth’s Journey in NZ (Key Women)

Wednesday morning at Bedfordview 25 October 2017 – Monica Firth shares with us about her Journey in NZ

Key Women: Forgiveness

Zelda Cronje speaks on forgiveness as part of our “One Anothers” series at Key Women.

27 September 2017 at Key Women Bedfordview.