We have teams of people going out and loving our city in very practical ways every week.

5:40am Prayer at Edenvale Police Station
5:00pm Rockey Street, Yeoville Outreach. Meet at Jet

5:30pm Queen Street Outreach. Meet at Die Kneipe
5:30pm Outreach at Lambano Childrens Home (Third Thursday of the month)

7:00am Prayer at Bedfordview Police Station

Sandwich drop off
10am Kibler Park Outreach. (Alternating Saturdays)
10:30am Outreach outside Yeoville Recreation Centre
1:00pm Yeoville, Church in the Street

5:40am Prayer at Edenvale Police Station
7:30am Outreach at Spur Bedford Centre
Sandwich drop off at Cornerstone Church Bedfordview
2:00pm Outreach at Edenvale Taxi Rank
12:00pm Maboneng Outreach
1:00pm Eastgate Park, Church in the Park (Alternating Sundays)

Contact info to join one of the teams.

For more info:

E-mail: info@cornerstonechurch.co.za
Telephone: +27116164073/4

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